Things to Know about SEO On-Page and SEO Off-Page?

For Seo rankings, there are many actions we can do to improve our organic search engine rankings. There are many. And all of them can be divided into two large groups: the actions belonging to the SEO On-Page strategy field and the actions belonging to the SEO Off Page strategy field. All of them are important for joint SEO positioning strategies in Google and other internet search engines. In today’s article, we will delve into both categories.


First, we will study SEO On Page. This refers to all the actions capable of being implemented within our website. The objective? The usual: getting all search engine algorithms to prioritize us over other web pages. Because this way we will be able to appear earlier in the search results pages when users search Google and other search engines for words linked to the nature of our website. There are many actions and all of them must be taken into account if we want to be successful.
For example, the search and incorporation of keywords on the web page. It is a very direct way of explaining the theme of our page to search engine indexing robots. We must select them very carefully. Selecting keywords with many searches means entering too competing terrain. Selecting others with little search can make us invisible. Very much in line is the action of SEO On Page headers. These hierarchize the information within our page.
Other very important actions for SEO On-Page positioning are optimizing the URL, optimizing the images, building an optimized web architecture, creating a sitemap file, and robots.text file, optimizing the meta tags, having a blog that incorporates attractive articles for your users, generate designs of great usability and great user experience, have attractive web texts or boost the page loading speed. But what is the difference between SEO On Page and SEO Off-Page?


We already know some of the most relevant SEO Off-Page actions. But to know what is the difference between SEO On-Page and Off-Page, we must also delve into the most important SEO Off-Page actions. However, we anticipate that they all have something in common: they are those capable of being implemented outside of our page. After all, Google and the rest of the search engines have very complex positioning algorithms that not only attend to what happens on our website. They understand the internet as a unit.
That is why it is so important that we publish content linked to our website on social networks. This is a factor that is gaining importance as the years go by. And another very important factor is the external link building. This consists of getting other web pages to link to ours. Google has a positioning factor of authority. That is why the more authority the websites that link us have, the more authority they will give to our website. The difference between On-Page and Off-Page is that it can depend on others.
Other SEO Off-Page actions that we should pay attention to our participation in internet forums, commenting on other blogs, registering our page in digital directories, creating online advertisements in search engines and social networks, or sending press articles. All of them aimed at gaining notoriety. Do you want to get your page to occupy the highest positions in the Google SERPS? For that, it’s important to hire the best SEO services for small businesses as experts can help better.


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