The right way to hire an SEO

The key to improve company profits is to hire SEO qualified candidates! However, business owners encounter many obstacles during searching for apt candidates.

Some of the common problems are:

  1. Frauds and fake experience

These days faking educational qualifications or experience letters is not a big deal!

Finding a candidate with good SEO skills is tough. Many candidates who are hired by SEO companies do not even know the basics of SEO. As a result, attainting good profit or implementing SEO standards becomes tough.

  1. Fair means of recruiting

This is an error committed by many employers. Usually, they find themselves being partial towards certain candidates or while taking an interview.

  1. Lack of awareness

Many candidates do not even know what are SEO and its benefits. They simply apply for a job and wait for the employee responses.

  1. Lack of creativity 

This is the biggest problem faced by recruiters!

SEO is a versatile field and changes every moment, and it takes many creativity skills to think and make necessary changes to the SEO structure. These days finding candidates with creative professions have become a tough challenge.

How to hire the right SEO candidate:

Read below a few tips of hiring candidates:

  1. Analyze core SEO competencies and needs of the company

Before looking for the right candidate, you must access your company factors and relate to SEO requirements. You need to set a priority before shifting your attention to hiring candidates. The best thing you could do is – prepare a list of strengths and weaknesses related to SEO tasks of your organization.      

  1. Create a good job description

You need to create a strong and attractive job description. To attract the right SEO candidates, you need to show off the perquisites of working with your company. Make sure you specify the job responsibilities and the level of qualification that is required to set a baseline. For instance, if you are looking for regional SEO candidates, you can ask them about their knowledge of local SEO packages or local SEO techniques to check how they will implement it.

  1. Select a particular niche

You cannot expect to find good candidates on the street!

You need to select a particular niche while searching for them, for instance- in corporate events or seminars. Try to build your company’s social network. Social platforms are good platforms to search for candidates. 

  1. Select a good panel of SEO qualified interviewers

Before interviewing candidates, make sure you enact a good team of SEO professionals!

The interviewers have to be knowledgeable and have an eye for spotting true talent among interviewees.  

  1. Use two-way communication

Essential communication is very important to know how a candidate thinks. Even if your company is looking for technical SEO qualified candidates, the candidate must have good interaction skills. For instance, you can check the presentation skills or executive tone of the candidate.

  1. Check the demonstrative skills

The best way to check the demonstrative skills of a candidate is to give them a “homework assignment” (a task related to the job role) and see how they perform. You need to allow the candidates to demonstrate and speak about themselves to check how well they can distinguish themselves from other interviewees.

  1. Look for the X-factor

The three x-factors you need to look for in a candidate:

  • Critical thinking skills

How candidates think about approaching a problem

  • Creativity skills

What kind of innovative solutions the candidates can provide to SEO oriented problem 

  • Passionate

Apart from qualification, candidates must have a passion for learning about new things 

  1. Pay them a handsome salary

Money motivates a person to perform the task efficiently!

One of the best ways to attract and retain SEO candidates is to give them a good salary. 

  1. Initial training

You have to arrange for training your newly hired SEO professionals so that they gain more knowledge about your organization’s SEO working system. Many times qualified individuals quit their jobs because they fail to understand the SEO work environment. 

  1. Keep monitoring the learning graph

Consistent improvement in SEO candidates is mandatory to make your SEO working environment even better!

You need to keep an eye about how well a candidate is performing even after a year of hiring them. Some of the best candidates will certainly portray an increase in the learning graph. 


It never hurts to ask for assistance and advice because hiring could be a tough job!

Thanks to third party recruiters and guides, finding good SEO candidates have become a bit easier, however; there are still lots of challenges, but consistent efforts and patience can certainly turn the tables and help you find the candidate.


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