The Best Knitwear Styles for Men to Restore Your Wardrobe

The Best Knitwear Styles for Men to Restore Your Wardrobe

HBX! Attractive Men’s Wear Sweaters

Have you decided to refresh your wardrobe before the arrival of winter season? Men have a lot of knitwear choices, starting from traditional crew neck to elegant v-neck sweaters. The HBX offers a wide range of luxurious lambswool, supreme merino and comfy cashmere knitwear that are perfect for cold weather. Get the hbx promo code to buy the sleek solids in colorful patterns and keep you warm at home and while going on a walk. 

The Best Knitwear Styles

Crew Neck

As compared to other styles, the crew neck carries the most neutral designs, therefore can be carried out with different T-shirts, check blazer, suit and shirts. Usually men prefer to take just a few minutes and get ready for their office. Crew neck is the most trouble-free selection that consumes only one or two minutes.


It is an essential part of men’s wardrobe to keep V-neck knitwear because it is really versatile design. Merino wool is the quality based lightweight fabric that can be used under a suit or over a shirt. To get timeless appearance, carry the V-neck sweater with a pair of jeans.

Roll Neck

Mock neck and funnel neck are somehow similar to roll neck design. Basically, this style was originated for knights to use as undergarment in order to protect the neck area. It is a fascinating design that looks amazing with a suit. It gives freedom to wear a suit without shirt or tie.


Bring some change in your style by selecting chunky cardigan, having a collar. It will give captivating looks and make you comfortable as well. V-neck Cardigan, Gauge Cardigan, Hoodie Cardigan, Button Down Cardigan, Logo Cardigan, Fox Patch Cardigan and Embroidered Lambwool Cardigan are some of the knitwear styles to choose from. Do not forget to reveal hbx promo code to receive great discount.


For men, shawl collar pullover is one of the best options to outgrow the boyish look and acquire a grown up appearance. It is not an ordinary style, so wearing a pullover means you have made some efforts to improve your dressing.

Types of Knitwear Fabric

Wool Sweater

This is the best quality fabric that maintains the heat, but requires great care. Do not either expose the fabric to hot weather or soak in water.

Cotton Sweater

As compared to wool or cashmere, cotton sweater gives cool feelings. It is perfect for fairly cold weather. You can wear it on the skin without getting fear of any irritation.

Synthetic Fabric

It is low cost fabric that contains the properties of wool or cotton, but you do not need to handle this fabric with extreme care.

Blended Fabric

As the name shows, it is made of many fabrics. The price is reasonable as the material of blended knitwear is not pure.

Menswear renowned brands introduce new patterns, fabrics and colors each year, but you cannot buy each and every style. The best knitwear styles help you in making the right choice that will keep you warm and give elegant appearance. Use hbx promo code and choose the most stylish knitwear without exceeding your budget.

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