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When you are starting your own clothing business, there are a lot of factors that comes your way. One is choosing the right decoration method that not only supersedes your customer’s expectations but also fulfills your business objectives in the most effective way.

In printing, alone, there are quite a lot of options that you can choose to customize your products for your customers. From laser etching, applique printing, direct to garment, and screen printing, each carry a unique advantage that others don’t.

Even though there are so many options, the two most profound printing methods are direct-to-garment (DTG) and screen printing. Today, I will be discussing these two printing methods and why they are so potent in the printing market. That way, you will be able to decide which one suits the best for your business.

What do we know about screen printing, and how do they work?

In screen printing, the ink passes through a mesh-based stencil onto the desired fabric. However, the ink does not submerge onto the fabric, and instead, stays on top. Not long ago, screen-printing was the only printing options for companies to get custom apparel. But today, more decoration options have emerged and slowly taking over screen printing.

But that doesn’t mean screen printing is losing its popularity. Many organizations and businesses from around the world prefer screen printing due to its colorful designs and options. Another essential fact about screen printing is that an exclusive screen is developed for every element of your design.

Once the process is complete, every layer is applied separately, giving your apparel a polished look. For more options about screen printing, visit this company for screen printing online.

Designs that go well with screen printing

Screen printing usually has the most basic designs with usual colors, but you are entitled to be as expressive and as creative as you want. With the help of drawings and typography, you can create exciting designs, symbols, and even shapes.

Screen printing for business

If you want your customers to remember you for a long time, screen printing offers exciting colors that other printers don’t. Irrespective of your business budget and needs, screen printing, offer cheap solutions, mainly in single colors. But one disadvantage of screen printing is that its lifespan is very low as compared to other decoration methods, particularly if you are planning to offer multiple shades and designs.

The main reason for its reduced lifespan is mainly because it requires direct investment; you need to order in advance and wait for days to get the printed design ready.

What do we know about DTG, and how do they work?

Direct-to-garment is a printing technology that sprays the ink on the fabric through inject printers. The ink then dries up onto the garment for a clean and polished look. The process is similar to the printing on paper, but this one prints on the fabric.

Designs that go well with DTG printing

Unlike screen printing, where you need to wait for a couple of days to get your designs ready, DTG is not time-consuming at all. Many printing companies don’t demand minimum orders for DTG printing, so you get to imprint products according to your business needs.

Also, the process for printing is so convenient for businesses that you can ask for printing options on-demand. With this option, you are not required to purchase products in bulk quantities for your business.

With direct-to-garment printing, your entire design is printed in one setting, unless you are getting your design imprinted to toned fabrics. And since this printing method does not have a count estimator, there are no extra charges involved, giving you the freedom to be as colorful as you want for your business.

Final Verdict: Screenprint or DTG?

Both screen printing and direct-to-garment offer great colors and designs, but they are different in terms of the price points and methods. DTG printing is done through ink-based printers, while screen printing uses mesh-based stencils to transfer the color and design to the print.

Another interesting fact about both these printing methods is that DTG can finish your order without any additional charges while you need to order in bulk for screen printing.

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