If you anticipate spending your sailing expedition in Europe then that is a wish that everyone desires. Europe is known for the best hatch destinations around the world. Here are some of the popular destinations that you should miss when sailing in Europe.

Croatian seas -the Dalmatian coast

Croatia sailing has been on the highlights for being one of the best places to sail in Europe because of the Dalmatian coast. You can explore the best of what Croatia has by sailing on a boat. You can head toward the historic sites of Dubrovnik and split to the remote islands of Kornati. You will get to get in touch with beautiful sun-soaked beaches and traditional fishing villages and lots of attractive coves.

Sporades island Greece

Sporades islands are yet another amazing sailing route that is located along the east coast. There are approximately 11 islands which give you a variety to spice up your holiday. You will also get to see the green-blue waters and rich vegetation which gives a real picture of the beauty of nature.

Azores Portugal

These are a cluster of Portuguese islands that are known for their lunar islands and lush green vegetation. They are located in the Atlantic ocean hence you can explore them better by sailing on a boat. It is a remote location that has not received much damage and that is why on a good day you might be privileged to see the dolphin or the odd whale along the way.

The French Rivera France

This is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Europe. You can start at saint Tropez as you sail along the coastline where you can stoop over at nice, canned and Monaco where there is the best playground. The best thing that you should do is to fit in well by packing your finest clothes as you wait to experience the magical power of the sea.

Ionian Islands Greece

Most travelers who are planning to sail in Europe will not miss to include the Ionian islands as the top priority in their list. It is famous for its beautiful island which makes it a great destination to take a sail. Therefore, you can begin your adventure from Lefkada or Corfu and then maneuver through turquoise sea where you will come across the seven islands. You will get to see the traditional tavernas, rugged mountains, beautiful beaches, and elegant whitewashed villages.

Balearic Islands, Spain

The Balearic Islands can’t miss in the top sailing destinations around Europe. There is a lot of options and if you are an expert you can avoid the crowds. The Spanish islands are major holiday spots among most tourists because of their sparkling blue waters and sun-drenched beaches. You can stopover in Deia and Ibizan bay of Cala.


Taking a sailing trip.in Europe exposes you to breathtaking sceneries. You will get to experience fun at its peak as you cruise along the waters. It is important to have a guide especially if you are not a pro to sailing to help you navigate safely on the waters. Therefore, when summer comes then you know what is waiting for you in Europe.

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