How to start a mobile app development company

How to start a mobile app development company?

We have heard billion of successful stories of the trending application that have reserved a space in our mobile devices. The mobile app development services in India or the owners of these applications could see the outshining results that were beyond imagination for every individual. With each user multiplying the number of hours spent on these applications, it becomes easier to observe the popularity of the growing application development throughout the world.

Various factors indicate the sheer popularity of the growing application development industry. The rapid development of ideas into a product and finally product leading the market creating maximum opportunities for the development companies.

This practice has become more popular and it convinced companies to invest in new inventions by associating themselves with the best app development companies in India.

Let’s learn and have a look at the how-to guide people for starting an app development business of their own.

  • Have an idea?

We all know that one idea can change your life. A good amount of hard work and effort will increase the probability of your idea turning into a huge success. Study and collect the facts once you are sure about your idea and willing to take it further.

  • Market Research

At times, we might not have an excellent idea with us but yet we can see the growth in the industry and want to invest in it. For such an involvement in the business, we require in-depth knowledge regarding the market. Thorough research and understanding are a must before you enter the business. You will witness the biggest downfalls and the smallest success story that will eventually lead you towards analyzing every possibility for your business. Learn the tricks and tips as it will benefit you in some way or the other.

Never leave the ground where you have to understand the need of your clients. A better understanding will come up with the best results.

  • Choose your platform (IOS, Android or Windows)

Earlier it was a tough choice for the developers to choose between the list of platforms that included Blackberry, Symbian, Windows, IOS, and Android. Now things have become easier as there are fewer options to choose from and once you are done with your little research homework, you can easily go with the options you prefer. We have millions of applications based on the two most popular platforms IOS and Android that supports the maximum applications in the mobile devices currently.

If you are planning to go with IOS development, remember the trends of having a higher price and the best deal to sell your apps. Whereas, Android has a better scope with marketing and can achieve the desired popularity.

  • Development process

Now search for the best team begins. Accept it or not a dedicated team makes you reach the heights you desire for. Making the right decision for reliable partners will affect your goals positively or negatively. You will need developers for different profiles who will be developing the applications for you. For example, you will require a team of front and back-end developers, content writers, designers, and coders. You need to lay eyes on the people right for your organization and holds the potential to work with you till the very end.

You can go with various options like hiring freelancers or a permanent team of developers according to your preferences and budget.

  • Business plans

Now that you have a rough idea of how things will work and how you will be planning them for the app development services in India. You need to be specific with the business plans and begin with the strategy and the layout for the proceeding of the plan. You can always go for smaller plans and make things for you as you need to gain more experience in planning something big. Always remember that this industry is rapidly growing. Do not forget to keep yourself updated and be a part of the fastest-growing trend.

Your business ideas need not be complex to grab the attention they can always be simple and useful. The main ingredient will always be the achievement that will fall into place only when you will satisfy the need or the demand that was curated.

  • Investment

Now that we are all to set the business by collecting the relevant information and working in the ideas. How do we get the bundle of cash that will take our work further? Well, there are always ways to reach the ladder of success lets discuss some of the ways here.

  1. Investing your own money if you are capable enough or have saved for the past years to invest in your own business.
  2. Asking the bank for the loan is another option, but you will have to pay extra attention to all your details as banks are not easy to convince with a rough draft. Also, the credits are expensive so choose wisely with the investment process fo your business.
  3. Crowdfunding is another way where you can get associated with organizations like GoFundMe or Kickstarter. You can collect the money by explaining your idea to the people that can give people a clear about crowdfunding and can have positive responses. Also, you can attempt to get government grants or taking money from business incubators.
  4. You can search for potential investors who understand your idea and willing to partner with you in your business. Crunchbase and AngelList are the resources that are the good resources for expecting potential investors. You can always adapt all the possible methods for funds and combine them for approaching.
  • Pricing

Investing your money in the business or the idea is fine but until and unless you bring back that money that means you haven’t completely achieved your goal.

When you want to bring back the invested money first you need to make it clear if you want to make a free or a paid application.

We use an application that has no payment compulsion and doing great in the field. But how you earn the profit by providing free access to these applications?

Listed below are a few ways how free apps earn money indirectly-

  1. Advertisement

Your product can be a good source for advertisements for both Android and IOS platforms. You can try your hand on huge advertising networks like Google’s AdMob, Unity Ads, Chartboost, and others.

  1. In-app purchase

Along with the advertisements, it depends on the number of clicks as it is a more stable way of extracting revenue from the application. Gaming applications are the live example of the income generation where you get paid for activities and items on every purchase.

  1. Direct selling

You can obviously sell services and products in your app and earn the deserved amount of money.

  1. Two version apps

You can create two versions of the app that can be either free or paid. You can provide options to the users with the additional features of getting extra access to the relatable features or get rid of the interrupted advertisement.

  • Application marketing

Once the application is ready to hit the market, remember you need to grab maximum attention for promotions. You will need to invest a little in the PR activities for advertisement as the competition is tough enough when it comes to online business. Begin with capturing the social media market and create official business pages on the trending social media platforms. Stay in continuous touch with your followers and subscribers. Announce relevant news on the platforms for keeping the audience updated. Also, focus on creating a website where you can post the information regarding your product for a better understanding of the people. You can hire a specialist who can make marketing plans for your product and help you expand the business. Keep your clients and audience with the latest features and enhancement for regular engagement.


A bunch of people working towards the same goal makes you achieve the desired goal in the competitive market. Deciding and having faith in your team will make you grow. Find the right people who will work for you with a pure heart and make wise decisions with your product. App development services in India are doing excellent by providing solutions throughout the world. You are already a part of the best service providers, just a little more consistency will make you do wonders.

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