How to Make Sure Your Kid is Not Dating a Stranger

Our mommies told us in our childhood that, “Do not talk to the strangers”. Well, that was as good as we were young. Now in the present world, kids love to talk to strangers. Back in 2019, a kid travelled 200 miles to meet a stranger. That kid was just 11, and he went to meet a guy whom he only met on Snapchat.

Well, this is not the only case so far. There have been so many incidents that it is hard to count. Stats counters may have some information, but that may not include the cases that have never been reported. Internet buddies are the best friends of our kids. However, for us, they are always trouble makers. We want to keep our kids away from every stranger in the world. But our kids are no more following that mommy’s proverb on strangers.

What Threats do Strangers Pose?

We parents are aware of the stuff going all around the world. We see a lot of bad things every day that put into a dire situation to think of our kids. Like in the news above, what could have happened?

You know, his parents were lucky that they found their kid back. That 11-year boy drove his elder brother’s car for 200 miles to meet an unknown Snapchat friend. Luckily, the GPS went out and the boy had to pull over near a cop. Well, the cop felt strange that why an 11-year-old boy is the only passenger in the car, and no one else. Certainly, the cop made that strange Snapchat friend’s deal go wreck.

Luck played its part, but it never happens every time. In some cases, kids leave the home but never return. After years it is found that they were sexually abused and killed. Unfortunately, there are plenty of such cases, and parents need to step up.

There are a couple of things that the parents have to follow to keep their kids safe in the present world.

  • First: Monitor your kids
  • Second: Train them to eloquently deal with the strangers

Well, both of these actions are easy and make parenting fun. When you can monitor your kids, you can find the loopholes. Take those loopholes onto the next step and mentor your kids. Just the same way, while monitoring if you find them talking to a stranger, make them learn how to deal with them.

You are lucky enough if you have teens. Indeed, it is easier to improvise and enhance their habits so that they become strong adults. Otherwise, changing habits is one of the toughest chores.

Monitor Your Kids:

A lot of parents think it is a foolish suggestion to spy on kids cell phone and computer activities. They will certainly think it because they have never seen a way how to do that. Well, let us tell you a simple, easy, and intuitive way.

Get OgyMogy!

OgyMogy is a spy, monitoring, and tracking app. It is full of monitoring features that can help the parenting process. Parenting requires the base to begin, and OgyMogy provides. OgyMogy keeps on monitoring the kids’ activities on their smartphones. It sees everything and records that to show it to the parents.

Well, parents cannot only view the monitoring records, but they can also change the preferences on their kids’ smartphones. OgyMogy tools are really awesome and good enough to protect your kids from meeting strangers.

Certainly, if you see they are talking to someone strange on WhatsApp, you may simply block that contact remotely. Similarly, if you feel there is something fishy on their social accounts, modify their preferences. Just like that, there are plenty of other useful features in this app.

Training Kids to Deal with Strangers:

The next step is to use the monitoring record to train the kids. You can find plenty of content online on how to train the kids to deal with the stranger. Well, we have some common methods of parenting that we would love to share:

  • Analyze the situation and choose polite words
  • Make a plan or a story that can help kids understand
  • Mentor them to use their instincts

Final Words:

None of us would ever know who our kids are talking too if we do not have a companion like OgyMogy. Add OgyMogy to your parenting skills and take wonders of benefits.

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