A lot goes on within a company when it comes to broadcasting your products and offers to your customers and prospects. However, we have observed over the years how promotional items have taken the cake away from other conventional methods of advertising and brought about greater accomplishment of organizational goals and objectives. Take custom drinkware for example. Up to 53% of US customers own promotional drinkware. Drinkware can come in a variety of styles and materials including water bottles, cups, coffee mugs, tumblers, you name it. There is probably a specific type of drinkware available for every kind of beverage out there. And people love them. They seem to be popular amongst people belonging from all ages and walks of life. Consumers below the age of 35 years are often best prospects, with women taking the lead as they prefer to have branded drinkware more than men. This brings us to the main theme of the topic today which is what can custom drinkware do for your business to promote its offered services and products. In this post let us offer you some ways you can use custom drinkware to advertise your venture. Let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

Produce Incredible Amount of Impressions

A study conducted by Eastman Kodak found that much of the plastic drinkware can survive at the least 1,000 washes before they show any signs of wear or tear. While on the other hand stainless steel ones can virtually exist forever with proper care and adequate cleansing. This translates to the fact that a custom drinkware can be used and reused for a long period of time. Within this time it has the ability to create an incredible amount of impressions for your company. Thus making them extremely cost-effective to the point where they can actually supersede other methods of advertisement like television and radio ads in some cases. Essentially drinkware is considered a utility-based product as you will find many Americans waking up in the morning and having a go at their favorite hot beverage to kick start their day. Some are quite particular about their coffee mugs for example and simply cannot apprehend the situation of unable to find them. As an everyday use item, drinkware has the potential to remind users about your business. Furthermore, if that drinkware is placed within a high traffic environment like an office or a building then naturally it will produce even more impressions for bystanders, onlookers, and in the eyes of the general public.

Help You Deliver Lasting Impact

Talk about people hating to read, but at the same time if it’s a message on a mug they would not only care to read it but also retain the message. This makes drinkware a great way to create influence and impact your targeted audience through your branded logos and slogans imprinted on them. Moreover, drinkware is also a very versatile set of products where you can find various shapes and sizes within them. They can come in different materials as well including acrylic cups with straws, tumblers with stainless steel interiors, glassware shaker bottles, ceramic coffee mugs, and eco-friendly, biodegradable water bottles to name a few. Hence you have enough room to try out a variety of branding options and themes as per your liking. The possibilities to advertise with drinkware are seemingly limitless.

Cost-Effective Promotional Item

Not only are custom drinkware considered as an ideal gift that many of your target audience will simply adore receiving, but they are also one of the best investments out there. A study revealed that drinkware can generate around 198 impressions per month, which comes to less than half of a cent if that drinkware costs you $7 per unit. Yes, you heard that right, it not even 1 cent per impression. This is why your returns on investing in promotional drinkware are extremely proficient.

We hope this post was able to provide you some reasonable facts and justifications to show you how custom drinkware can aid you in promoting your business. For more questions and queries regarding the topic, please feel free to share with us your feedback in the comment section below.

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