Five Stages To Design & Construct A Stunning Exhibition Stand

The trade booth is one of the important and expensive material for your exhibition stand. The trade booth designing and construction process are comprised of five stages. By following all these five stages, you can save your money and prevent yourself from headaches.

You can also take the help of renowned and experienced trade booth designers. The professional trade booth designers have experienced team and services support. They are capable to construct an exhibition stand that you will love just like an exhibition stands UK.


Here, we have listed all five steps that will help you to construct a stunning exhibition stand. Read the following points:

Step 1: Plan In Advance

Though it is not tempting enough, advance planning can prevent you from unwanted faults and mistakes. Therefore, it is important to clear your doubts before starting the construction process so that you choose the right path.

By preparing advance plans, you will get to know the actual aim and objectives. Once the objective is clear, then you can build a trade booth that can help you to achieve your objectives. Also, proper planning in advance can help in designing an effective exhibition stand.

The more you tell about your brand, your objectives, and your product, the greater are chances that your trade booth design will able to achieve your expectations. In the planning stage, all more information is collected regarding the exhibition stands so that roadmap can be planned to achieve the objectives.

Step 2: Budget Planning & Timelines

Once the objectives are conveyed, then the next stage is defining timelines and budgets as well. The budget is very important for designing and construction of any booth. If you are on a tight budget, then trade booth designers must have excluded very expensive components and look for a cost-efficient alternative.

But, if you are planning to exhibit on a low budget, then you do not have to compromise with good looks of trade booths. Trade booth designers will choose pocket-friendly and optimum components for the construction of trade booths.

In addition to the budget, timelines also play an important role in designing a trade booth. On the basis of project timelines, the complexity of the trade booth construction will be decided. Therefore, you should clearly mention the timelines for the trade booth construction.

If you have a low budget, then you can consider exhibition stand hire instead of purchasing one. You have to order for hiring an exhibition stand as per your demands and requirements.

Step 3: Designing Phase

Once the required information is collected, then the next stage is trading booth designing. Based on your preferences and demand, the trade booth designers will start brainstorming and come up with the best designs for your trade booth.

Different trade booth designs are examined and finally, the best design will be selected. But, in addition to this design, other trade booth design are also kept in a list.

The trade booth designers can give any direction to the booth design as per your needs and demands. They will implement different exhibition stands ideas to construct a stand that can fulfill your demands.

Step 4: Create A Proposal

After forming various trade booth designs, the trade booth designers choose the best and create a proposal for that. In this proposal, all the elements are described in detail along with the construction cost.

In this proposal, you should also include graphic sizes, booth layout, show services, etc. and detailed pricing as well. In case you want to design the trade booth graphics by yourself, then the trade booth designer will describe the dimensions for trade booth graphics.

This proposal is not final unless you are satisfied. If you want some modification in the plan, then you can tell this to your trade booth designer and he will do the desired alterations and the proposal will be resubmitted for final consent.

Step 5: Trade Booth Construction & Show

After receiving the final consent and signing the agreement, the trade booth construction process will be started. There will be one project manager who will be handling the entire construction project.

You can easily communicate with the project manager and ensure that the trade booth construction is as per the approved design. You can also ensure that the construction process will be completed before the specified deadline.

Show Time: If other services such as trade booth transportation and installation process are also included in this proposal, then the services manager will assist you. They will help in transporting trade booths from one location to another. Also, they will bring the workforce to install your booth at the trade show floor.

Finally, success is measured with the objective. If your goals are achieved and you are able to get more customers for your business, you have got what you want.

Wrap Up

Though there are different types of trade booths, the basic construction process of all exhibition stands are the same. The above-mentioned stages are included in all kinds of exhibition stand designing and construction process.

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