Customized Socks as Fashion Trend in 2020

Believe it or not, customized socks are going to be the biggest fashion trend in 2020! Remember when socks were just a garment utilized to cover our feet? Your answer is probably barely, or the 90’s, depending on when you were born.

If we go back to the Stone Ages, around 7000 years ago, is when the first pair of socks were invented. Although they were not anything like the socks we wear today, or like the ones the Romans came up with during their peak. It took us until around 200 years AC to figure out that you could sew a soft wool fabric and wear on your feet. 300 years later, some Christians would wear socks referred to as ‘puttees’ which were supposed to resemble purity.

After going almost 10000 years of having to endure socks that are made out of uncomfortable materials unsuitable for the human skin or way above your knees to be able to fit properly, they finally found out in 1938 that you could use the elasticity to your advantage, a quality which nylon had, which fits well around your ankles. There were some daring fashion trends specific to socks. like striped and colorful ones during that time period, but it went out of fashion for decades until just a few years ago.

In 2020 it’s considered very unmodern to still only wear black or white socks, with a recent influx of creative patterns and an assortment of colors used by designers. Every day you will see people wearing all sorts of different socks, some with more minimal designs and subtle colors, like a pair of striped ones with orange and black when it is Halloween, while others will be more in your face, like a pair of overtly fluorescent Spongebob Squarepants themed socks. What is common for all of these creative socks, is that people ( both the people who are wearing the socks and the people who create them) are using them as a way to express themselves in a way that socks have not been used like before. They now tell a story, they could be the key to completing an outfit or even be the highlight of an outfit!

It might sound weird that there is such a rich history, as well as future, for fun socks, but that seems to be the case and Custom Weekend is an America based company who’s purpose is to keep this newfound tradition alive. They’re a pioneer in this field and manages to take the trend to a whole new level, where you can choose customized ones designed for your own liking.

Do you have a pair of cool shoes or clothing, that you feel no currently available socks really match with? These socks should do the trick, to add that extra detail which is sure to be the final piece of unlocking the whole picture in an outfit you have put a lot of thought in. All you have to do is provide a seller with a photo, either one you have shot yourself or a picture you have found on the internet and then you get to choose a template out of a large number of different themes and styles. For example, if you are a basketball fan, you could get a pair of yellow LA Lakers sock, featuring your face in number 34 Shaquille O´Neal jersey, or maybe your kid is a fan of superheroes so you get them a pair of socks with their face in a Superman costume.

The possibilities are seemingly endless with these multiple features, the only problem is that there are too many options to choose from, ranging from sports to food to pets and holiday-themed, among others. If you do not want your own picture, you can just choose ready-made ones. It does not matter if you are after something classy and subtle, like a pair of vintage couple creative oil painting socks made from an illustration, or if you are after something fun and original, like a pair of custom photo surfing lady socks with your face on them. At: you are certain to find the style which suits you the best.

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