face mask for coronavirus

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it is recommended that covering the face in a public place is the only way to prevent you from Coronavirus. Scientists are searching for different ways to prevent you from the COVID-19.

Lockdown is not a permanent solution to stop the spread of this pandemic. Covering your face while going out can help to curb the spread of coronavirus without affecting our economy. Nowadays, the custom face mask is high in demand.

You should also wear face-covering if you visit any public place, especially the health care institute. Here, in this article, we will discuss various important things about cloth face coverings:

Who Can Wear Face Masks?

As per the Center for Disease Control, everyone should wear cloth face masks. It is important to cover your face when you are stepping outside of your house. In public places, social distancing may be difficult. But, covering your face with a cloth mask can prevent you from the coronavirus.

People of all ages should wear cloth face masks, except the kids smaller than two years. Also, people with breathing difficulties should not wear a mask and follow the rule of social distancing while going out of your house. In a bad situation, the cloth face coverings can affect your health.

What Kind Of Face Masks Are Good?

According to the Center for disease control, common people should wear cloth face-covering instead of surgical or N-95. Though the surgical face masks are highly efficient, they are not recommended for common people.

These kinds of face masks are efficient for health care workers who come in direct contact with the corona patients. The surgical face masks are critical for medical supplies. Therefore, these kinds of face masks should be left for the health care workers.

How Efficient Are Cloth Face Coverings?

We all know that the coronavirus spread through the water droplets. We can use cloth face covering to stop the entry of these water droplets in our nose or mouth. But, the cloth face covers are not completely efficient. The cloth face covering will act as a barrier and stop the entry of droplets.

If an infected person sneezes, then the water droplets can travel far and infect other people in the surrounding. But, if people in the surrounding keep their face covered with the cloth face masks, then the probability of getting infected will reduce significantly.

In simple terms, the cloth face covering can help in significantly reduces the chances of infection. This is one of the best ways to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The biggest problem to deal with in the coronavirus pandemic that not everyone shows symptoms. If you take precautions by wearing a face mask, then it can prevent you from getting infected.

How To Properly Put On And Put Off Your Face Mask?

It is important to ensure that face-covering should completely cover your nose and mouth. The face masks should fit properly on your face. Make sure that there are no gaps on both sides of your face mask.

The face mask should efficiently cover your nose, chin, and mouth. In addition to this, you should make sure that ear loops are fit properly behind your ears. No matter what kind of face mask you choose, you should always ensure that the mask is quite comfortable.

You should not continually adjust your face mask because it can be high risk. There is a high probability of getting infected from your infected hands. According to the guidelines of WHO, you should stop touching your face, again and again, to prevent yourself from getting infected.

How To Prepare Your Own Face Masks?

It is quite simple to prepare face masks at home. The cloth face masks can be prepared with various household items such as old t-shirt fabric. Before you choose any fabric to create the face mask, then you should consider the breathability and layers in the fabric.

You should ensure that the various layers in the cloth face mask can stop the entry of water droplets in your mouth. But, you should limit the level of layers in the face mask so that you can breathe without any problem.

According to the center for disease control, there should be at least two layers of face coverings to protect you from coronavirus. You can also customize your own face mask at home.

How Do I Sanitize A Homemade Face Covering?

Washing your face-covering in the washing machine after each time you wear it is enough to sanitize it. Just be sure to choose materials that can be washed and dried without shrinking or being damaged.

The key takeaway: If you’re going out in public, wearing a face covering and practicing good hand hygiene can go a long way in reducing the spread of COVID-19.

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