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Hong Kong is one of the most interesting places on the planet, due to the perfect coexistence of two different cultures, the Chinese and the British. Hong Kong is an autonomous territory that is part of China and in the past has been a British colony. When you first arrive, the first thing that blows your mind is how many skyscrapers there are, you really feel like you’re in a futuristic city. Although that’s not the only thing it has to offer that incredible territory. Customs, cultural mix, international malls are just some of the most interesting aspects of Hong Kong.


When you arrive in an unknown territory, it is essential to learn about its customs and respect them fully. In Hong Kong it is frowned upon to speak out, talk to strangers and make body contact. They consider such behaviour to be vulgar, so it should be avoided.

Hong Kongers interact with each other according to a hierarchy, that is determined by age, social status and profession. Within a group, when someone talks to a superior, they must look down. It’s a sign of respect and it’s well regarded socially.

2- You could say that this Asian territory is a shopping enthusiast’s paradise.

Hong Kong today is considered “the Mecca of global commerce”, as an enormous quantity of products from all areas, from all corners of the world, can be found there. Best of all, the prices are affordable, so there is a great competitiveness that favors the buyers.

3-The British Chinese cultural mix is fabulous and is permanently present.

In fact, English and Chinse are spoken in Hong Kong and there are several characteristics inherited from British culture such as the financial system, health system, legal system, education system and public housing. You can also see that cars are driven on the left side, as in the UK.

4-Hong Kong massage

This territory offers the best massages, both for those who are stressed and those who want to receive aesthetic care. Professional masseurs use techniques such as reflexology and aromatherapy to perfect their work. There are a variety of prices for massages, but all are of good quality and will leave you relaxed and feeling fresh throughout your trip. Hong Kong massage is definitely the way to go if you need some relaxation and refreshment.

5-College education

In recent years Hong Kong has experienced an extraordinary development in the level of university education. It is known that education is of high quality, especially in science and technology, achieving international prestige. Currently 38% of Hong Kong’s university population is foreign.

This amazing territory has an intense artistic activity, which takes place in the Hong Kong Arts Festival, whose objective is to encourage the participation of galleries from all over the world, turning this festival into a multicultural event.

Hong Kong is amazing because only there you will find a cultural mix as interesting as China-Great Britain, where you can see the best of each. Hong Kong is the first place where the latest technology arrives, so you can say that those who live here are living in the future. These people are also a good model for the peaceful coexistence of different cultures, which should exist in all countries.


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