5 ideal ways to develop a customer-centric website

5 ideal ways to develop a customer-centric website

In this modern world, websites are a powerful business tool to reach an unexpected milestone. It’s a core and fundamental part of building a successful business empire. In this world of the internet, people are more focused on the website and online presence of any company. Having an online existence can make a significant impact on the growth of the company and assist you in capturing the attention of the people. It gives unique recognition in the market and stands you extraordinary in the market. The best part of having a website is that it keeps our business running 24/7, irrespective of the office hours.

Furthermore, the predominant point to consider here is that while developing a website, your primary focus should be the customer’s expectation. Try to include all the requirements of the customer on your website to attract the customers. The design and layout of the best eCommerce WordPress theme will undoubtedly influence the customer and make a positive impression. Incorporate all the features into WooCommerce WordPress themes which make customer’s easy to use, and understand your website. Let’s delve into the key factors that help you to make a customer-centric website.

Keyword research

Keywords are an essential part of getting a higher rank in the search engine. Target some of the keywords for our website, make sure that it must be relevant to the terms used by the customer while searching your site. Keywords must be user-friendly and cover fewer words in it. Some of the best tool that helps to research the most used keywords:

  • Google Adwords: Keyword planner

The most trusted tool to find the best keywords for your products. Search the words related to the service and products of your business, and this tool will give you the most relevant keywords for the same. Additionally, it provides you the number of times a particular keyword has been searched.

  • Ahrefs

Another useful tool to locate the most used keywords and use it while developing the site from the free eCommerce WordPress theme, where you no need to start from scratch. Ahrefs gives you the in-depth details of the keywords in an eye-catching designed dashboard. Due to that, it’s most popular to research tools to find the best keywords for best eCommerce WordPress theme.

  • SEMrush

The best tool for the eCommerce website. Features included by the SEMrush are SEO research, keywords research from more than 18 billion keywords. Many giant companies are using it due to the fantastic service by this platform.

Make it easy to navigate

The primary point to keep in mind while developing the website from any readymade platform like WooCommerce WordPress themes. Your customers must easily navigate to what they are expecting from the site to avail of every feature. A website may have a lot of categories and subcategories, but your user is unable to locate it quickly, then it’s not worth it. It’s your responsibility to make it clear at every stage for the customers. The definition of the best navigation is: when an unfamiliar person can find it convenient and easy to navigate, then your job is done.

Robust security

Image courtesy: https://www.snowbound.com/blog/3380/15-ways-to-keep-your-programs-protected-your-customers-data-secure/

Another point where customers are highly concerned about. Nowadays, people are clever, and they want their information fully secured with a robust privacy algorithm. Due to a large number of unethical activities on the internet, robust safety of the user activity is mandatory. If you’ve opted to choose WordPress as a core medium to build a website, then you don’t need to worry. The Best eCommerce WordPress theme has various plugins that prevent your site from the unexpected activity and works as a shield in front of any cyber attack.

How can you protect your site?

  • Maintain updated software
  • Protect from XSS attacks
  • Choose the safest web hosting platform
  • Monitor every activity on your website

Customer review

The must-have feature in any eCommerce website, the genuine review, can make a huge impact. The review of the product or service provided by the organization. It motivates the customer to buy the product or avail the service offered by you if someone has already posted their views on the same. Ratings can be from the 5, and companies are trying to get the maximum ratings from that. Additionally, another option to represent the genuine review is, add a testimonial from some of the users and post it on a homepage of your website so that maximum customers can look for that.


Your customer needs instant service when they have any questions or any complaint, which can be possible with the fully functioned chatbot. The popularity of chatbots is increasing due to advanced technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Free eCommerce WordPress theme has given the inbuilt plugin for the chatbot, namely WPBot, it’s easy to use and integrate into your site. Here you don’t need human interaction to keep working the chatbot, and it’s an entirely online process. Therefore, integrate the chatbot on your WooCommerce WordPress themes to make it user-centric.

Wrapping up

Nowadays, a company without a website is hard to find, and even the small business has its site built from the best eCommerce WordPress theme. A website gives you an opportunity to expand your business internationally and generate higher revenue. As per the trend, it’s compulsory to have a website to survive in the market. As per the above discussion, your business website builds from the free eCommerce WordPress theme that must be customer-centric to give a better user experience.

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